100 Jokes About Balls

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Here are 100 funny ball jokes and the best ball puns to crack you up. These jokes about balls are great ball jokes for kids and adults.

Here is our top list of ball dad jokes. Find your favorite puns about balls, have a laugh, then share and enjoy this ball humor with others.

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Ball puns

Here are some of our favorite dad jokes about balls that are also awesome ball jokes for adults and kids to be told!

Why wouldn’t the basketball team play with the third basketball? Because it was an oddball out.

How do vampire footballers get the mud off? They all get in the bat tub.

What did the baseball glove say to the ball? Catch you later.

Why couldn’t the basketball player listen to his music? Because he was a record breaker.

Why do basketball players love cookies? Because they love to dunk them.

What are lumberjack baseball players really good at? Being the cut-off man.

Why did Tarzan spend so much time on the golf course? He was perfecting his swing.

Why don’t grasshoppers watch soccer? They watch cricket instead.

How do football players stay cool during the game? They stand close to the fans.

Why was the basketball court dripping wet? Because the basketball player kept dribbling all over it.

What position does a robot play in football? Roback.

Why is tennis such a loud sport? The players raise a racquet.

Why did the basketball team join a craft club? Because they wanted to learn how to make baskets.

What do you do when you see an elephant with a basketball? Get out of the way.

What did one tennis ball say to the other tennis ball? See you round.

When is a baseball player like a spider? When he catches a fly.

Why do basketball players love donuts? Because they can dunk them.

What animal is best at hitting a baseball? A bat.

Which state is famous for tennis? Tennis-see.

Why was the artist such a big fan of baseball? She loved to paint a pitcher.

When is a baby good at basketball? When it’s dribbling.

Why are frogs so good at basketball? Because they always make jump shots.

Why can’t dinosaurs play basketball? Because they’re extinct.

What are a golfer’s favorite flowers? Fore-get-me-nots.

Why did the basketball player bring his suitcase to the game? Because he traveled a lot.

What’s the difference between someone who hogs the ball and time? Time always passes.

Where do point guards take their girlfriends to dance? Basket Balls.

Why was the baseball player at the store? For a sales pitch.

What do you serve but not eat? A Tennis Ball.

Why are basketball players messy eaters? Because they’re always dribbling.

What do the basketball players say when they miss a basket? Shoot.

What kind of tea do soccer players drink? Penal-Tea.

What does baseball have in common with pancakes? They both rely on the batter.

What do baseball players eat on? Home plates.

What do you get when you cross a baseball pitcher with a carpet? A throw rug.

Why can’t Cinderella play soccer? Because she’s always running away from the ball.

What do you get when you cross a tree with a baseball player? Babe Root.

What was the mummy’s favorite football team? The Mummy Dolphins.

What runs around a baseball field but never moves? The fence.

At what sport to waiters do really well? Tennis ball, because they can serve so well.

Why are fish never good tennis players? They don’t like getting close to the net.

Why did the baseball team hire a cook? They needed a good batter.

Which soccer player has the biggest cleats? The one with the biggest feet.

Where do ghosts play tennis? On a tennis corpse.

Why are spiders great tennis players? Cause they have great topspin.

When is a birthday cake like a golf ball? When it’s been sliced.

Where do soccer players go to dance? The Futball.

What do a dentist and a tennis coach have in common? They both use drills.

What keeps the beat in a baseball song? The base line.

What can you serve but should never eat? A tennis ball.

What kinds of stories do basketball players tell? Tall tales.

Where should a baseball player never wear red? In the bull pen.

Why did the soccer player bring string to her game? So she could tie the score.

What is a soccer player’s favorite chemical element? Goooooooooooold.

Why did the basketball player go to jail? Because he shot the ball.

Why was the centipede dropped from the insect football team? He took too long to put his boots on.

Why is it so hot in a stadium after a football game? Because all the fans have left.

Why is a baseball umpire like an angry chicken? They both have foul mouths.

How is a baseball team similar to a pancake? They both need a good batter.

Why can’t tigers play baseball? Because if you have three stripes, you’re out.

When should baseball players wear armor? When they play knight games.

What’s a horse’s favorite sport? Stable tennis ball.

What did the baseball player do when the coach said to steal second? He stole the base and went home.

What has a net but can’t catch? A basketball hoop.

Ball one liners

Here are some great ball joke one liners that you can quip whenever someone is talking about balls.

There is one commonality between a magician and a soccer player. They both do hat tricks.

A tennis ball walks into a bar. Barman asks: hey have you been served.

The reason why soccer players are brilliant in math is that they know how to use their heads well.

I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger and bigger…And then it hit me.

Heard someone say they had to play soccer with 2nd graders. They should really invest in a ball.

Golf balls are like eggs. They’re white. They’re sold by the dozen. And a week later you have to buy more.

A man at a baseball game wondered why the ball kept getting bigger and bigger. Then it hit him.

When the pitch is flooded, soccer players can still go on. They just need to bring on their subs.

The man who invented soccer got a kick out of it.

Some flies were playing football in a saucer, using a sugar lump as a ball. One of them said: “We’ll have to do better than this, lads. We’re playing in the cup tomorrow.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love our soccer team. But, compared to the albatross, our team doesn’t have two decent wings.

You can’t possibly play soccer in the amazon jungle because there are far too many cheetahs.

I threw the dog a ball the other day. It was a bit extravagant but he looks great in a tuxedo.

Best ball jokes

These next funny ball puns are some of our best jokes and puns about balls!

What do you call a pig who plays basketball? A ball hog.

What’s the first meal of the day called for basketball players? Fast Breaks.

Why was Cinderella never any good at basketball? Because her coach was a pumpkin.

What did home plate say about the ball? It’s pointless.

Why can’t you play a fair game of basketball in the jungle? Because there’s too many cheetahs.

When should baseball players wear armor? When they play knight games.

Why don’t baseball players join unions? Because they don’t like to be called out on strikes.

Where does a baseball player go when he needs a new uniform? New Jersey.

Why did the football coach go to the bank? He wanted his quarter back.

Why are baseball players so rich? Because they play on diamonds.

Final thoughts

After reading through all these hilarious jokes about balls, we hope you had a good laugh.

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